example 1: Simple 'To-Do' list

PuntoShare makes is really easy to create, manange, share and access a simply 'To-Do' list.

example 2: Personal Organizer

Store and organize personal information and always have important information to hand.

example 3: Create QR Codes to access custom information


example 4: Project Management


example 5: Publish original content directly on the Internet


example 6: Share photos with friends and family


example 7: Company Asset Tags/Inventrory

You can use PuntoShare to store information about inventory items like laptops (their serial number, department and the employee to whom they are assigned). Then generate a QR code, print it out and stick it to the laptop. You can then simply scan the QR code with any smart phone to retrieve its details. The laptop details can then be updated from PuntoShare and the QR code does not have to change.

This same example also works really well for IT infrastructure (telephones, servers, routers, modems etc), whose details may change and must be carefully managed.

example 8: Meeting Room Bookings

Enter the details of a meeting room on PuntoShare. Then generate a QR Code for the room. Stick the QR Code to the meeting room door, then anybody can find out exactly when the room is booked and by whom.

example 9: Brainstorming and mind-maps

PuntoShare can be used to quickly map and explore ideas and thoughts, which can then be easily shared or published.